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Kenya starts demarcating boundary with Uganda

FILE PHOTO: Boundary issues. Mijingo on Lake Victoria was in the spotlight a few years back

Nairobi, Kenya | URN & XINHUA | Kenya has started inspecting and reaffirming her boundary with Uganda in a bid to redefine her frontiers with Uganda.

Kenya neighbors Uganda in Lake Victoria, to the mouth of Sio River in Busia, to Amudat and Moroto in Karamoja though the Turkana Escarpment to Mt. Zulia near the Kenya-Uganda -South Sudan tri-junction. The exercise handled by Kenya International Boundaries Office is expected to run for at least 30 days, Kenya officials said.

Kenya has already reaffirmed her international boundary with Tanzania successfully and now wants to turn attention to her international boundary with Uganda.

On Friday, Ambassador Julius Kiema and Julius Rotich Secretary Kenya International Boundaries Office led a delegation to Karamoja to meet Ugandan authorities ahead of the inspection and reaffirming exercise that was launched from Lomokori at the Uganda – Kenya border.

Rotich who met Methe, district leaders at the Council Chambers in Moroto said the exercise would benefit both countries by clearly defining the extent of sovereignty and jurisdiction of the two neighboring countries.

Karamoja leaders welcomed the project that will see technical officers from both countries work together in reaffirming boundaries whose work will involve surveying the borderline and putting up beacons at the boundary.

John Baptist Lokii, the Member of Parliament for Mathenoko County in Moroto district says the exercise will help the two countries would clearly understand their boundary and avoid future boundary conflict.

Uganda and Kenya share a lot in common. The communities of Karamoja and Turkana are both pastoralists and have intermarried. This has promoted good relations between the two communities which has culminated into free movement of citizens either side. They even participate in elections in each other’s countries.

Albert Lokoru, the Matheniko County Member of Parliament believes that a clear boundary line would also define the citizens who can vote in which country therefore limiting the decision to the real nationals.

Kenya has already finished inspecting, reaffirming and building new border beacons at her international boundary with Tanzania.  Officials said the exercise does will not disrupt lifestyles of the border communities, will not be barriers to peaceful coexistence and has no hidden agenda.

In 2019, Uganda singed an MOU with Kenya for bilateral cooperation, security, and sharing of resources for pastoral communities. The MOU has strengthened relations between the two countries.

Kenya vs Somalia

Maritime border dispute. The contested 100,000 square-kilometer area is believed to be rich in oil and gas. Courtesy photo

Recently, the United Nations’ top court ruled on a maritime border disputes between Kenya and Somalia.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled  that there was no agreed maritime boundary and ruled largely in favor of Somalia which will get a big chunk of the 100,000 square-kilometer area that is potentially gas and oil-rich.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta rejected the ruling, saying Nairobi is profoundly concerned by the import of the decision and its implications for the Horn of Africa region and international law generally.

In Mogadishu, Farmajo said the ruling was a historic victory for all Somalis and exemplifies the integrity and transparency of the ICJ.

Regional analysts say the UN top court’s decision could worsen the fragile relationship between the neighboring countries since Kenya has been a major contributor of troops assisting the Somali government in its fight against the al-Shabab group. It could also have far-reaching security and economic consequences for future relations between the two countries.

Somalia took Kenya to the UN court in 2014 over contested parts of the Indian Ocean believed to have rich natural oil and gas reserves after years of diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute failed.

Regional blocs had earlier prevailed upon Kenya and Somalia to settle the maritime boundary dispute out of court in order to avert diplomatic fallout that would impact on peace and stability.



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  2. Comedian Golden Mathew


  3. So, what does this do to the idea of a united East Africa, and the spirit of African unity?

    Shouldn’t we as Africans be actively moving towards the removal of artificial boundaries that were imposed by colonialists for purposes of owning our continent and everything and everyone in it?

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