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KCB Bank aids 20 business club members to Tokyo

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | Twenty members of KCB Bank Uganda’s Business Club at the weekend flew to Tokyo, Japan as part of the bank’s annual entrepreneurial drive.

In Japan, the members will meet possible suppliers and marketers for their goods and services and also see cheaper technologies that can easily be replicated in Uganda

The bank’s top officials told journalists on March 01 in Kampala that the drive is a systematic approach to grow the small and medium enterprises and small scale enterprise owners and employees by offering a platform where they can entrench their current experiences with those in countries that are more modern and commercialized than Uganda.

This will be the fifth time the bank is taking its business club members abroad for the same cause.

The Bank’s Managing Director, Edgar Byamah said that the trip will aid beneficiaries to do networking and sharing ideas on how to grow their enterprises when they return after 10 days.

“…we want to grow with you…our customers,” Byamah said. “The trip will enhance your exposure, skill and experience.”

Officials said that Japan’s good economic performance, aided by its efficient technological innovations will be one of the learning areas for the beneficiaries.

Supporting the SME sector is critical in Uganda because it accounts for approx. 90% of the entire Private Sector and over 80% of manufactured output – contributing about 75% to the gross domestic product (GDP). It employs about 2.5 million people.

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