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Kaweesi suspects further remanded

FILE PHOTO: The first batch of Kaweesi murder suspects in court. PHOTO @MICOH

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | Court at Nakawa has heard this morning that inquiries into the murder  of former Police AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his body guard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewa are still on-going.

State prosecutor Carolyne Opia revelead the state of investigations as the 20 people suspected  to have committed the said murder on  the  morning of March 17, 2017 appeared before Grade One Magistrate Noah Sajjabi for the mention of their case.

Apia informed court that investigation are still at an infant stage and that court should grant prosecution a chance to conclude them and have the accused committed to the International Crimes Division Court for trial on charges of murder, Terrorism and aggrevated robbery.

Magistrate Sajjabi has now adjourned the case to next month with orders that the accused  be remanded back to Luzira Prison till then.

However just like it has been in the previous two adjournments, the suspects’ relatives have  again been barred from accessing court premises  at Nakawa owing to their recent actions of throwing children to prison officers.

This as usual didn’t go well with them since they  claim to have travelled long distances to come to court but are locked outside and denied access to see their relatives who have been in custody since March, 2017.

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  1. This is the police on trial.

    On the fateful morning, eye witnesses saw two men commit the gruesome murder of Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver. But here we are, three months later investigation is still far from beginning and ending. Yet 20 presumed innocent suspects are languishing behind bars, but after being tortured, without the police putting a finger on any of the actual murderers.

    What a human rights nightmare! While the breadwinners are behind bars, their families are also languishing in anguish and desperation. If it later turns out that these people are all innocent, what compensation will the government pay their victim of malicious prosecution and imprisonment?

    Must a thousand people innocent people suffer forever, because two murdered three and the two can’t be found?

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