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Judiciary driver arrested over audios on poor salaries

Owoyesigyire confirmed arrest of driver

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A driver employed by the Judiciary, Stanley Kisambira, has been arrested by the police in Kampala to facilitate an investigation into his recorded claims made in audio clips.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Police Spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan, the police opened a General inquiry file on Monday evening at Central Police Station to investigate the allegations made by Kisambira in the audio, where he claimed he could cause an accident with the principal inside.

At the time of reporting, Uganda Radio Network was unable to independently verify, which judicial officer Kisambira drives. Social media platforms suggest that he is the Chief Justice’s driver, while Owoyesigyire states that he is a driver for a judge attached to Mbale High Court. Owoyesigyire informed Uganda Radio Network that Kisambira has refused to give a statement to the police in the absence of his lawyer.

In the audio clips, Kisambira can be heard complaining about salary disparities in the judiciary for drivers and expressing his dissatisfaction with earning 200,000 Shillings since joining the justice system in 2008. Earlier in the day, the Judiciary released a statement addressing Kisambira’s audio. They acknowledged his concerns and provided clarifications to shed light on the matter.

“While the approved salary for drivers may be inadequate, the Judiciary leadership resolved that the allowances for all non-judicial staff (including drivers) in the institution be enhanced in line with CSI No.6 of 2018 on duty facilitating allowance” read the statement from Jamson Karemani, the Judiciary Public Relations Officer, on May 14th, 2023.

The statement explained that drivers now receive a consolidated monthly allowance, paid out quarterly, in addition to their salary. The combined total monthly payment for a driver exceeds one million shillings. The statement also mentioned that all Judiciary staff members have access to health insurance services. On social media platforms, Kisambira has been hailed as brave for exposing the low salaries of judiciary rank-and-file members.

A fundraising campaign has been initiated to support him in obtaining legal representation and welfare. The campaign encourages donations, emphasizing Kisambira’s role as a whistleblower who spoke out about the exploitation of judiciary drivers earning a mere 200,000 shillings ($54). The flyer states, “Kisambira is ready to be punished or sacked but won’t be silenced.”

Anonymous sources, recognizing the sensitivity of the case, have expressed the opinion that the Judiciary should have increased Kisambira’s salary instead of handing him over to the police.




  1. I wish tebakomawo. Beyongereyo ppaka ku mukkulu abatwala osanga corruption will be put under the foot.

  2. There is a misconception in certain quarters of government, and this case (of all institutions) the judiciary, that allowances are salary! A salary is what is agreed upon in a contract of employment to be paid for services rendered. Allowances may or may not be included since these are extremely fluid. Now this fellow is complaining about his salary NOT allowances! Even though he takes home 1 million shillings very month, his salary still remains at 200,000/=. Salary increments are done every end of a financial year to every employee such that one’s salary is not a stagnant figure. If then the judiciary thinks the salary is the overall money deposited on one’s account, they should take some course in accountancy. Mr Jamson Karemani, the Judiciary Spokesperson, should be made to understand this difference.

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