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Influx of sex workers creates tension on Tororo-Mbale road

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Residents of Lyokango trading center commonly known as Mile 5 in Tororo district have raised concern over the increasing number of commercial sex workers in their area.

The residents say the number of commercial workers has been increasing since the inception of Hima and Simba cement factories on the road to Mbale.

Residents say the influx of commercial sex workers has become a big social problem as many young girls are being lured into the illicit trade.

Joseph Okware, a businessman in the area, says that some men have abandoned their families in preference of the commercial sex workers, which is likely to fuel the spread of HIV/AIDS and domestic disputes.

He says that due to the lucrative nature of the business, some young girls below 18 years have joined in the name of making quick money.

Madina Nyakyabuka, one of the residents says the commercial workers usually charge not less than Shillings 10,000 and operate thought out the day targeting long-distance truckers.

Patrick Omare, the Nyangole Sub county LC V councillor, says the influx of commercial sex workers has degraded the social and moral values in the areas.

He says that parents now fear taking their children to the trading center for fear of being recruited into the unpopular business.

He wants the office of the Community Development Officer to come up with socio-psychological programs to sensitize residents to adjust to the current situation.

George Olowo, the Nyangole sub-county LC III chairperson, says that some of the commercial sex workers come from outside Tororo district.

Olowo says to partly solve the problem, the sub-county is going to pass a by-law to regulate entry into guests houses and lodges.

He says one will be required to present a marriage certificate before accessing the lodge with a woman above 18 years.

Tororo District Police Commander, Rodgers Chebene, says that they have registered several cases of insecurity arising in the area, adding that they planning to elevate the Mile 5 police post to a police station to boost manpower to handle the situation.

Chebene says that he is aware of the existence of commercial sex workers in the area. He, however, says that their hands are tied since there is no law challenging their stay in the area.



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