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In The Independent: Why MTN boss Gouldie is leaving

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Cover story:  Why MTN Uganda boss Gouldie is leaving

An investigation by The Independent reveals that the contract of MTN Uganda CEO Brian Gouldie is not being renewed due to poor performance, a procurement saga and costly quarrels with UCC, the industry regulator.


Shutdown of Entebbe Rd: Andrew Mwenda argues that it is President Museveni’s preference for force that has led to extreme measures such as the shutdown of the only highway to Entebbe Airport during the visit of foreign Presidents.


The high cost of Parliament: The recent attempt by MPs to exempt themselves from paying tax on their allowances has pitted them against the public. Experts and critics say the MPs are making it worse by clamouring for bigger allowances, which will ultimately put an even heavier burden on less- paid public workers.


Museveni should not look at us as enemies, says Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has not yet been sworn in for his new term. He tells The Independent about his plans for the city and why President Museveni and the KCCA Executive Director should let him perform his duties of serving his constituents.


Harvest storage technology changes lives: In Sub-Saharan Africa, storage of food after harvest is a big problem that is causing heavy losses to farmers. However, new technology by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) is cutting back on the losses and changing fortunes.


Eating to junk health: More and more Ugandans are eating fast foods on a daily basis as the middle class grows. But though popular because of their convenience, health experts warn of diseases like diabetes and hypertension if the trend is not checked.


KCCA to mark buildings, streets: In a bid to modernise the city, KCCA is undertaking a project to digitally mark and number buildings and streets in Kampala in a bid to improve trade and security.


Frankly Speaking: The new National Female Youth MP Anne Adeke Ebaju is one of the youngest members in the 10 Parliament. She talks about balancing her legal and political careers.

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