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ICT Minister Tumwebaze outlines Uganda’s plans for outer space

Nasa image of satellites in space.

Kampala, Uganda| The INDEPENDENT | Uganda’s Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is developing a digital vision for the country as an overall ICT policy framework that will set digital milestones for each sector of government.

ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze told Parliament on Tuesday that country aspirations on satellite development and deployment will be part of this ICT digital framework.

“As a country, we would wish in future to develop and launch communication satellites because it is the most safer and reliable means of communication,” he said.

He however noted that implementation  of the ICT digital framework will depend on the country’s resource envelope.

Minister Tumwebaze was responding to a recent question by MP Cuthbert Abigaba during the Prime Minister’s question time .

Abigaba wanted to know what plans the government had in place to tap into the vast opportunity provided by the upper air space and whether there is any policy on this matter and the implementing agency.


ICT Minister statement to Parliament on Uganda’s readiness to tap into the potential of space Science by The Independent Magazine on Scribd

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