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How UNRA Misappropriated UGX 4 Trillion -Probe Report

After a six-month probe on UNRA activities by Lady Justice Bamugemereire, President Yoweri Museveni has today been handed a 1300 page report. In the report, it was discovered that at least UGX 4 Trillion was misappropriated by the old UNRA structure. Whereas UGX 9 Trillion was used to construct 1500km of roads in 7 years; these funds were enough to cover 5147km.

In the recommendation by the commion of inquiry, over 90 people (former staff of UNRA) should be prosecuted and assets recovered. Consequently, the President has ordered the IGG, CIID and AG to bring the culprits to book as soon as possible.

According to the Uganda Road Sector organization; “Uganda has a comprehensive road network, currently comprising of National roads (20,000kms), District roads (13,000kms), urban roads (2,800kms) and Community roads (about 30,000kms).”

It further adds that; “UNRA is responsible for the management of approximately 20,000km of National roads of which approximately 3,500 are paved and 16,500km are gravel or earth roads.”

Now with hindsight from the report, Uganda seems to have missed an opportunity to have over 3000Km of Tarmac added to its road network. And this is the cost of misappropriation.

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