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How COVID-19 pandemic showed importance of global leadership

WHO chief Tendros (left) held talks with China President Xinping in the early days of the pandemic.

DAY 1 – Stronger Together? Why and How the COVID-19 Pandemic Should
Help Us Re-Imagine Subsidiarity and Solidarity for a Better World Oct 18
DAY 2 – Women and Power; Reshaping of Foreign Policy Oct 21
DAY 3 –  Geopolitics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Oct 23
✳ DAY 4 – Oct 26 COVID-19 Responses: What Implications for Global Leadership?
DAY 5 – Oct 28 Role of Sports and the Arts Industry in Restructuring Global Conversations
DAY 6 – Oct 30 2020 and Beyond: Shaping our Future Together

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The response by different nations to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past nine months has not only revealed the differences in leadership across the world, but also the competition between differing political systems.

The ongoing 3rd Kampala Geopolitics conference will today look back at the differing responses and their implications for world leadership – from China, to the nations of Europe, to US and Africa.

Panelists will trace correlations between political ideology, political system, political culture and countries’ responses to the new global threat. The conference will try to explain the prominence of female leaders in the battle to contain the pandemic.

Award winning journalist Solomon Serwanjja will from 2.00 pm moderate the discussion as panelist review the governments that gained the trust of their people those who lost it, and what conclusions can be drawn for the leadership of the future.

The session is Day 4 of this year’s virtual conference whose theme is “Geopolitics in the year of the pandemic and beyond.” The session will be live on NBS TV.

Day 5 of the conference is set for October 28.

It will focus on the role of sports and the arts industry in restructuring global conversations and  finally Day 6 on October 30, a discussion on “2020 and beyond: shaping our future together .


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