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Health ministry to withdraw measles vaccine from health facilities

A nurse administers oral polio vaccination to a pupil at Kitgum public primary school in kitgum district on october 10 2019

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  The Ministry of Health will withdraw all measles vaccines from all health facilities across the country.

The move follows the introduction of the New Measles-Rubella combination vaccine that is deemed more effective in fighting the two deadly viral infections among children.

On Wednesday, the national mass vaccination campaign targeting 18 million children below 15 years against polio, measles and congenital rubella infection started. The campaign is funded by the Government of Uganda; GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance; the United Nations Children’s Fund; and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In Kitgum district, the campaign was launched on Wednesday at Kitgum Public Primary School were a total of 1,117 pupils are expected to receive polio, measles and rubella vaccination. 

Dr Patrick Asibo, the Central Supervisor for Kitgum District Campaign on measles and rubella mass vaccination says all measles vaccines will be withdrawn after the five days’ mass vaccination exercise.

Dr Asibo says previously the health ministry had been administering only measles vaccines without the component of rubella vaccines adding that it was only effective to treating measles.

He notes that the new combination vaccine will be administered to all children irrespective of whether they had been vaccinated a few days earlier.

Dr Asibo, however, ruled out any complications from the campaign and notes that the new vaccine is a booster dose that will help boost immunity a child gained from previous immunization.

He called on parents to embrace the campaign for the healthy growth of children.

Dr Alex Olwedo, the Kitgum District Health Officer [DHO] lauded the Initiative from the health ministry with support from world health organization give the previous measles outbreak history registered in the district. 

He says the district is well equipped to undertake the vaccination campaign adding that they will strive to undertake 100 percent vaccination of all children.

Dr Olwedo assured children and parents that the vaccines are safe and won’t cause any adverse health complication.




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