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Health facilities in Buliisa battling acute drug shortage

Buliisa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Health facilities in Buliisa have been hit by shortages of essential medicines and supplies.

The most affected are Biiso health center IV, Butiaba health center III, Buliisa health center IV, Kihungya health center III, Avogara health center III, Kigwera health center III and Buliisa general hospital.

They lack essential medicines such as anti-malaria drugs, antibiotics, and medical supplies such as syringes, vaccines, gloves, catheters and gauze among others.

Dr Nelson Naisye, the Buliisa District Health Officer says that the drugs cannot last for two weeks after being delivered by the National Medical Stores-NMS. He says the last consignment of drugs was delivered to the district in May.

Dr Naisye attributes the shortage to the influx of people flocking the district in anticipation of getting jobs in the oil and gas sector and the continued influx of Congolese nationals who cross into the district to access health services.

He wants the government to increase the budget for drugs for health facilities in the district to curtail the ever-increasing drug shortage problem.

According to Naisye, the district in the last financial year received 568 Million Shillings for the purchase of medicines and supplies which he says was not enough given the increasing population of people in Buliisa that in turn exert pressure on the health facilities.

Moses Kaahwa, the in-charge Butiaba health center III explains that the drug stock-out problem at the facility is alarming. He explains that sometimes patients are turned away due to lack of drugs or told to go to private health facilities.

Lorian Kirabo, the in-charge Avogara health centre III wants the government to control the influx of Congolese Nationals into the district. He says their influx exerts pressure on the few available supplies hence creating a shortage of drugs for Ugandans.

Bernard Atuhairwe, a resident of Butiaba wants the government to increase the budget for medicines in the district and also ensure timely delivery of drugs to health facilities.

Cathy Wabyona, a resident of Ngwedu sub-county says at times they are forced to queue for long hours to receive treatment due to drug shortages yet they cannot manage services in private health facilities.




  1. They go to private facilities, they cannot afford; so they pay for a few units of Medicine less the complete dose
    If these are antibiotics, sub optimal doses contribute to driving antimicrobial resistance;
    The germs taste the medicine weak ones die while stronger.units multiply and stay to be passed on from person to.person
    This is a component of messages related to the component of awareness

  2. Am very sure that enough drugs were delivered to all the health centers in Bulisa district.So stop confusing people with propaganda.

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