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Greed for power destroying FDC – party leaders

Dr Kiiza Besigye. PHOTO via @FDCOfficial1

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party have cited internal greed for power as one of the factors affecting the progress of the opposition political organisation.

Roland Mugume Kagyinda, FDC’s Deputy President in Charge of the Western Region says that despite their common mission of ousting the National Resistant Movement (NRM) government, some of its members are more focused on fighting for small political positions instead of building grassroots structures.

Mugume says that such fights have triggered confusion within the party and affected efforts to carry out grass root mobilization. He was speaking in Rubanda District, at the launch of the revival of FDC’s grass root mobilization campaign in Kigezi Subregion, on Thursday afternoon.

Mugume was backed by Busongora North Member of Parliament William Nzoghu who called upon members to concentrate more on cementing grass root structures in the run-up to the 2021 elections.  Nzoghu also blamed FDC leaders for spending more time in Kampala, instead of traversing rural areas to rally support for the party.

FDC party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi cautions that FDC will not be able to build a strong party and to overthrow the current government if its leaders do not stop internal fights and greed for power.

Former FDC President Dr Kiiza Besigye downplays sentiments that he holds grudges against individuals who have denounced FDC.




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