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Govt warns politicians misguiding public on Land Amendment

NBS landGovernment has moved to reign in politicians for spreading falsehoods among the public that the impending amendment of the Land law is intended to ‘grab’ people’s land.

In a press briefing on the proposed Land Amendment, Lands minister Betty Amongi said it was “misleading, unacceptable to say that Government wants to grab peoples land by ensuring that they get certificates”.

“I want to appeal to the Politicians who themselves have titled their Land, to sensitize the population on the benefit of securing their rights under any tenure system rather than misleading them,” she said.

The warning comes ahead of the Land Amendment whose proposal is still at inception stage, and if approved, there will be consultations in a participatory and inclusive manner.

She reassured the public that the subject of the proposed Amendment does not affect the status of land ownership; but rather deals with Land Acquisition for public works.

She said  the process is to allow Government to compensate the Registered Proprietors and other Land owners prior and also while the infrastructure development process is on-going.

Uganda is currently undertaking ambitious infrastructure projects in line with the National Development Plan and Vision 2040.

“I want to appeal to Ugandans to remain calm and wait for the proposal and debate it on its merits or demerits but not on the basis of political considerations,” she said.

Among cited other countries like Kenya and India that have been able to put in place policies and laws that are people-centered but at the same time address timely acquisition of Land for Government projects.

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