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Global Fund 2012 budget hit US $3.3b

By Ronald Musoke

The Global Fund that delivers money around the world to prevent and treat AIDS, TB and Malaria disbursed about US $ 3.3b (Ushs 8.25 trillion) last year according to preliminary estimates of the Fund’s unaudited accounts, a statement from the fund says.

Although this was 26 percent more than was disbursed in 2011, the Global Fund managed to cut operating expenses by five percent.

“The quality of our disbursements continued to improve,” said Mark Edington, the head of the Grant Management division.

Grant performance and financial absorption were vigorously checked, and the risk environment was fully taken into account, he added.

“We took calculated risks, and we understand the risks better,” he said.

The ground has been well prepared for the next stage, just as the Global Fund prepares to launch a new funding model.

New funding model

The Global Fund has developed a new funding model that will allow it to invest more strategically, engage implementers and partners more effectively and achieve greater global impact.

It will provide implementers with more flexible timing, better alignment with national strategies, greater predictability on the level of funding available, close engagement and early feedback on grant applications, and an ability to express full demand.

The access to funding in 2013 will be by invitation, with special consideration given to implementers in countries most in need, with programmes that are underfunded or at risk of service interruptions, as well as programmes in a position to achieve rapid impact.

A limited number of these participants will articulate their need by submitting a concept note, which will enable Global Fund staff to evaluate end-to-end processes. There will be diversity across regions and diseases and types of applicants.

In 2013, the Global Fund will appeal to governments and other donors for financial resources needed for 2014 to 2016, so implementing countries can move toward defeating AIDS, TB and malaria programmes and can make significant health improvements for their people.

The new funding model will help show everyone how effective investments can make a difference.

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