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Gen Katumba issues statement, thanks Boda Boda man

Gen Katumba Wamala in pain minutes after he was shot

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Former Uganda Army commander Gen Katumba Wamala has issued a statement a day after he survived an assassination attempt, thanking a boda boda rider who forced him onto his bike to seek medical attention. (READ FULL STATMENT BOTTOM)



Greetings Uganda!

I survived. I thank God.

While driving in the morning with my daughter, bodyguard and driver heading to my mother in-law’s vigil, some terrorists tried to assassinate me.

I survived, but my dear daughter Brenda Nantongo Katumba and my driver Kayondo Haruna died at the crime scene. I have no clue about the motive of this attack. There was no reason to end the lives of these innocent people. May their souls rest in peace.

My injuries are not alarming. I had surgery last evening, and one of the bullets was removed. However, because of how the other bullet affected my arteries, it was not removed, and the doctors will advise on the way forward.

I want to thank my Commander in Chief, @KagutaMuseveni, for the care he has shown me. His phone calls are some of the reasons I am still fighting on.

I would like in a special way to thank the boda boda man who forced me on his boda so that I can go and get first aid. In the same spirit, I would thank Malcolm Healthcare Kisasi for everything they did to stop the bleeding. That first aid helped so much.

Allow me to thank my escort, Sgt. Khalid Koboyoit for evacuating me from the crime scene as fast as he did and for shooting back at the terrorists. Things could have been worse.

I want to thank Medipal International Hospital for the care they are giving me.

I thank the Speaker @JacobOulanyah, Deputy Speaker, @cdfupdf and Maj. Gen @PaulLokech among other colleagues in the Uganda People’s Defence Forces for reaching out (to the hospital and the crime scene) as fast as possible. I thank Lt. General Proscovia Nalweyiso in a special way.

I extend thanks to Bishop Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu and Pastor Robert Kayanja for personally reaching out and coming to pray for me at the hospital. Thank you, and may God bless you.

I thank my friends and colleagues in @Parliament_Ug, former Ministers, PS, staff and friends from @MoWT_Uganda, @URA_CG, @UNRA_UG staff, friends in the diaspora, Rotarians, especially Rotary Kampala Ssese, for the condolence and get well soon messages. I appreciate all of you

Lastly, I want to thank all Ugandans for the love and messages you have been sending my way. I promise to keep fighting for my life.

I pray that one day soon, the terrorists that tried to assassinate me and took the lives of my daughter Brenda and driver Haruna will be brought to book.

For God and my Country



  1. its a very sad moment but we pray that the almighty may bring justice to whoever was injured

  2. If there is one soldier I admire, it is Katumba; and that may be the cause of his problems …he is too popular. I am sad that he lost his daughter & driver over this nefarious attempt on his life. Whoever did this obviously sees Katumba as a threat or a problem. I cannot think of many people who would harbor ill against such a soft spoken decent soldier. The FBI should be involved to help Uganda CID get to the bottom of this if indeed the powers that be want to put all options on the table to find the “pigs”.

    • But are you aware that Gen. Katumba Wamala left people in 3 villages in Luweero district, Kalagala sub-county, Ddegeya homeless in 2016?

      He claimed that Kabaka Mutebi 2 sold the villages to him. People asked him to bring proof whether a Kabaka can sell off his peasants. He failed to bring proof.

      You ask Dr. J. C Muyingo. Actually Katumba Wamala was one of the front reasons why Dr. J. C Muyingo lost the Bamananika parliamentary seat to Robert Ssekitoleko.

      Do you think those villagers are just seated ?

      Do think the media can cover such a story against Katumba Wamala?

  3. It’s so sad that we need God’s intervention. Wish you healing mercies.

  4. We pray for our country this is not good

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