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FULL SPEECH: Uganda’s formula for the treatment of COVID-19


Minister of Health Ruth Aceng commission the 1st Port Health laboratory in Uganda. It is a gene expert laboratory with 2 machines and capacity to run 64 samples per hour. President Museveni has shared Uganda’s scientific treatment of COVID-19 patients

May 19th, 2020
✳ 77,456 Overall tests done
✳ 264 Total Confirmed cases
✳ 80 admitted
✳ 65 Recoveries
✳ 0 deaths

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni has shared details of the treatment Uganda is using to manage COVID-19 patients.

Uganda has not registered any deaths so far, and is currently treating 80 patients. So far, 65 have recovered from a total of 264 confirmed cases. The majority of these are truck drivers from the neigbouring countries.

After the diagnosis, Uganda’s  treatment has involved treating the other diseases the patient may have, boost the immune system, and drugs to kill the virus itself

“We have covered the two-thirds of this effort ─ treating the co-morbidities and boosting the immunity of the patient. That is why patients have recovered and we have not registered any covid-19 virus related death. Our scientists are also working on the remaining one third ─ the ability to kill the virus using dedicated medicines,” Museveni said in his latest address to the nation of efforts to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. (full speech bottom)

After the diagnosis, Museveni said, you get the treatment which involves three efforts:

  1. Treating co-morbidities (the other diseases the patient may have ─ HIV, diabetes, blood-pressure, cancers, etc.);
  2. boosting the immune system of the patient so that it fights better (e.g. Vitamin-C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Zinc);
  3. Drugs to kill the virus itself. Ugandan scientists are, again, working on all these.
  • Good nutrition, including eating foods like Fruits (oranges, mangoes, lemons, bananas), Vegetables (carrots, ginger, garlic, greens), Proteins (meat, fish, beans, nuts), etc., to get sufficient source of Vitamin D ─ spend at least 1 hour in the sun.

Another focus of scientists is the use of plasma from the recovered patients, is one of the solutions in attacking the virus.  The survivors’ blood plasma contains soldiers (anti-bodies) that helped them to defeat the ‘enemy’.

“Treatment solutions will be built around those soldiers.  The recovered patients should provide the plasma,” Museveni said.


Address to the Nation on Co… by The Independent Magazine on Scribd



On the side of treatment, there are two parts: diagnosis using the different diagnostics, using the PCR (that looks for the core particles of the virus – the intestines), the antigen test (that looks for the envelope parts of the virus) and the IGM/IGG antibody test (that looks for the IGM soldiers – the first soldiers deployed to fight the infection as soon as one gets it and the IGG soldiers that come in later for reinforcement and these remain for some time to keep the body protected). Our scientists supported by the Government, are working on all these efforts.

What I do not want to hear of is the perpetual dependency of Uganda on others. That must end.





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  1. We all must be responsible and follow the requirements that doctors made in order to lower the speed of spreading of the virus.

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