Thursday , February 20 2020
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Court nullifies all interim applications that lacked required quorum

FILE PHOTO: The constitutional court in full session previously. Ugandan Constitutional Court in session earlier this week. PHOTO Maurice Tomlinson/Facebook)

 Uganda’s Constitutional Court has nullified all existing interim orders and injunctions, issued by  a bench that fell short of the required quorum.

The landmark ruling, was delivered by Justices  Kenneth  Kakuru, Fredrick Engonda Ntende and Elizabeth Musoke who unanimously concurred with a group of six petitioners  who sought to block the Attorney General and IGG from investigating and prosecuting them.

However when they appeared before the three justices , they demanded to know why the bench falls short of the required quorum of five justices that makeup the Constitutional court.

Based on this, the judges also realized that there were some procedural irregularities rendering the interim application proceedings a nullity.

They have now ordered the registrar of the court to place all the pending 241 applications before a full quorum for determination including those whose rulings have not been delivered.



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