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Court issues criminal summons against Besigye

Kizza Besigye (C) argues with the police early last year. Court has issued summons for him to appear in court.

Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s court has on Monday issued criminal summons against former Forum for Democratic Change FDC presidential candidate  Dr. Kiiza Besigye after he he failed to appear in court today.

Last month Dr.Besigye told presiding Magistrate Noah Ssajjabi that he would not return to Nakawa court for mention of his treason case until investigations are complete and he is notified.

Besigye told the presiding magistrate then that his continued appearance with no progress costs him in terms of time and resources, yet he has over and again confessed that he won the election, and wanted the DPP to show him how such a confession turns into treason.

“Your worship, before I was charged in this court (Nakawa Magistrate court), I was charged in Moroto for the same offence. I have been told for with months that investigations are continuing,” Besigye told court.

“I told court that there is no need for investigations since I admitted that I declared myself a winner. I therefore don’t know what they are investigating because I have made that declaration in court. If it’s an offence, we should start hearing how it becomes an offence on my declaration.”

Besigye also filed an application in the High Court seeking to formerly block his continued appearance before the lower court that he said has no powers to try treason offences.

However Prosecution’s Racheal Nabwire  applied for criminal summons saying Besigye had not turned up nor sent an explanation why he was not going to attend court as he was ordered.

Magistrate Ssajjabi has now ordered that Besigye appears in court on 27th/March for mention of his case.

The treason charges against Dr.Besigye stem from a video recording that went viral on social media in May last year, showing Besigye allegedly swearing in himself as the president of the republic of Uganda and his repeated utterances of being the winner of the 2016 February Presidential elections.


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