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COMMENT: Mwenda wrong on Besigye

COMMENT: By Francis Kiggundu Museveni must take responsibility for the anger and envy towards the privileged few who are amassing wealth Without prejudice to either President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni or his nemesis Dr Kizza Besigye, both of whom ascribed to violence to ascend to power, we as Ugandans must recognize the …

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NGUGI WA THIONG’O: Teach me to be me

INDEPENDENCE SPECIAL: By Ngugi wa Thiong’o In 1969 Gacamba, a bicycle repairer in Nyeri, a town about a hundred miles from Nairobi, discovered some kind of engine, a scooter engine, and, using the scrap metal he could find in his backyard, made an aeroplane that he called Kenya One. The plane …

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COMMENT: Safe abortion, religion, culture

COMMENT: By Joy Asasira When religion and morality dictate reproductive health policy in Uganda, who suffers? Over the past few months, much as been said by politicians and the media about reproductive rights issues, from comprehensive sexuality education, legalisation or decriminalisation of abortion and even access to essential HIV prevention …

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Uganda’s climate success

COMMENT: By Sophie Makame & Peter Blomeyer Germany, France applaud Uganda’s role in global effort to reverse climate change This week, Europe is celebrating the climate diplomacy week. This time last year, a feeling of anxiety mixed with excitement was in the air as government delegations, parliamentary commissions, and civil …

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COMMENT: Mwenda’s pragmatism and mivumba

  COMMENT: By Rajab Kakyama Second-hand clothes – Mwenda shouldn’t be in hurry to displace workers in this sector to become beggars on the fringes of great cities Refer to: “America’s harmful threats” (The Independent Aug.26). Unfortunately, I do agree with Mwenda on principle but disagree with his method of …

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