Thursday , December 9 2021
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UPC old guards taking over from NRM historicals

By The Independent Team ‘If Museveni reconstitutes the Protestant base through UPC,’ one analyst said, ‘he can easily become formidable again. He knows that the Catholics do not have a political party or a leader ‘” so they cannot be politically threatening. Sometime in October 1994, President Museveni held a …

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Democracy and its African discontents

By G. Pascal Zachary Democracy has taken root in Africa,’ says Princeton Lyman, an analyst with the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington DC. And from the perspective of history, it does seem that the people of sub-Saharan Africa have entered a robust period of democracy. The trend toward multi-party …

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What is a free and fair election?

By Rosebell Kagumire For Justice Benjamin Odoki, that is the central question for activists calling for elector al reforms In 2011, two years from now, Ugandans are scheduled to vote in presidential, parliamentary, and local government elections. Many are resigned to another rigged electoral process. But a few who are …

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The long way home

By Kalundi Serumaga This is the second and last part of this Outlook as the author comments on technocrats and leaders `who remain silently loud on issues they once propagated. In Africa, capitalism first came in search of free labour giving rise to the transatlantic slave trade. It then developed …

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