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Central Uganda dance eliminations Sunday at Sharing Nsambya

Recent breakdance action. The Central Uganda eliminations are set for this afternoon in Nsambya.

FRESHLANE, an initiative working to empower young people socially and economically, will on Sunday October 1 host the Break-Fast Jam 2017 Central Uganda eliminations at Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya on Ggabba road, Kampala from 3pm.

The eliminations will feature competitions in breakdance  and also showcases and performances of rap, dance and vocal percussion. There will also be free artistic workshops in hp-hop dance and beatboxing plus exhibitions, graffiti among other activities.

Break-Fast Jam is an annual breakdance event nurturing and promoting the breaking and hiphop dance scene in East Africa. The finals are set for November at YMCA.

The organises, FreshLane, are an initiative working to empower young people socially and economically through cultivating and elevating art, culture, education and facilitating creative development.

It’s core members are from the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU). Breakdance Project Uganda is a grass-roots, youth-centred organisation founded in 2006.

According to FreshLane, “The event’s overall aim is cultivating a positively enriching breakdance culture in Africa. This initiative empowers participants socially and economically by elevating them with practical skills, knowledge, inspiration and experiences on a neutral platform.”

Freshlane uses dance, visual art, beatboxing plus other elements of hip-hop and alternative ways of learning as tools to engage and unite young people and provide them with skills and support to become socially responsible leaders in their communities.

Participants from within the Central Uganda region, other parts of Uganda and international guests will be at the event. These will include dancers, Djs, Beatboxers/vocal percussionist, graffiti writers, Rappers

The event originated in Uganda in 2011 and currently does events in Uganda and Kenya plus hosting participants from various parts of the world.


1) Sebagala Alex aka Bboy Dance Machine ( Seven to Smoke)
2) Naganzwa Erick aka Erick Sama (Solo Breaking battle)
3) Nambalirwa Joan aka Bgirl Jojo (Solo Bgirl battle)
4) Ndawula Ronald (Solo kids battle)
5) Walter Ruva aka Uncle Walter (Popping battle)
6) Hit The Beat Crew “Egesa Eric aka Fullmoon, Damba Faizal aka Mostrixx and Mukalazi Moses aka Moze Beatboxer”  (3 on 3 crew battle).





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