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CEC: No change, Kadaga and Oulanya to work as team

CEC group photo after their deliberations last night. PHOTO BY PPU
IN AGREEMENT: CEC photo after their deliberations Monday night. PHOTO BY PPU

The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the ruling party NRM Monday night decided to maintain the status quo in parliament, retaining Rebecca Kadaga as speaker, with Jacob Oulanya as her deputy, reports indicate.

“The general consensus in CEC last night was that we retain Kadaga as speaker and Oulanya continues as deputy speaker,” a very reliable source told The Independent early Tuesday.

The first indication that a decision had been taken Monday night, came Tuesday afternoon when Oulanya picked forms from the NRM secretariat to contest for the position of Deputy Speaker.

If the Monday decision is confirmed, it will bring to a halt what was becoming a bitter race for the top job in parliament. It will also virtually end the hopes of many, including  Muhammed Nsereko and Theodore Ssekikuubo, who had shown interest in the post of Deputy Speaker.

Others who had shown interest are David Bahati, Denis Hamson Obua, Jovia Kamateka and Monica Amoding .

Later, a press statement from the NRM national Chairman President Yoweri Museveni said that CEC will table their speaker recommendation to the Parliamentary caucus on May 5, 2016.

“The Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement has agreed on the way forward on the position of Speaker and Deputy of parliament respectively after a meeting held at State House in Entebbe yesterday,” the statement said.

“The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the ruling National Resistance Movement  (NRM) met under the chairmanship of H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and agreed on the way forward on the issue of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of parliament. The recommendations will be presented to parliamentary caucus on 5th of May 2016,” the statement said.




    • Kigongo Ssentongo

      I think it’s a master stroke by NRM. The opposition was reaping from the confusion. Now let us see their next move!!!

  2. ejakait engoraton

    Maybe it is the opposition which has forced the NRMs hand but ofcourse I do not expect you to understand this.At least you admit there was CONFUSION, which is the trade mark of NRM. The winner in all this could actually be the opposition and if Kadaga knows she will owe them and the situation is such that the opposition were not fronting a candidate but just showing support for a particular candidate whom they hoped would best serve their interests, which for the moment they have managed to achieve.The only M 7 and the NRM have managed to achieve is to avoid humiliation and also shut out another person becoming the deputy speaker.THE situation between Kadaga and Olanya was” all or nothing” and the loser would have been NRM which they have managed to salvage for the meantime.

    • do you (yourself) understand what you are trying to say here ejakait? If NRM is as confused as you claim, then it is surely very easy to confuse even more and dislodge. what do you people eat in FDC? that is so stupifying like the lotus in Odyssey? of this FDC is not disbanded, we shall in a few years have an unmanageable big population of idiots.

  3. very wise but not unexpected tactics; typical of NRM. enemy was secretly celebrating that our Rebecca (as courageous) was going to be removed and frustrated but like always NRM was just carrying out democratic tradition. We want a big party and both Rebecca and Jacob to embrace and chart a way forward. Theodore, like the spoil sport spoilt child that he is is up to some mischief but Mzee will handle that. It is democracy and like the race it is; nothing is easy or free.

  4. Laba embizzi zino. mwenna mulli babbi!!

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