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Busoga loyalists threaten court action to halt Museveni’s appointment of Kyabazinga

The Kyabazinga

A section of Busoga Kingdom loyalists have threatened to drag government to court over the appointment of Busoga’s Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV as an ambassador in charge of special duties in the office of the president.

Kingdom loyalists led by the president of Justice Forum (JEEMA) Asuman Basalirwa addressed a press conference at the Jeema offices in Mengo in Kampala Saturday and said it will be “denigrating for the Kyabazinga to be cross-examined by his subject Parliament Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga during the vetting process”. If he is approved, he has to start reporting to the permanent secretary of foreign affairs Ambassador Patrick Mugoya “another musoga subject”.

President Museveni this week made changes among Uganda’s ambassadors that included new appointments of King William Gabula Nadiope IV and former defence minister, Dr Chrispus Kiyonga who has been sent to Beijing-China

According to a statement from the president’s office, the list of names of newly appointed ambassadors and heads of mission will be sent to parliament for consideration and approval.

However, kingdom loyalists led by the president of JEEMA Basalirwa have said that the appointment of the Kyabazinga is unconstitutional considering article 246 of the constitution which stops a traditional leader or cultural leader from joining or participating in partisan politics.

“Kyabazinga’s new role involves exercising administrative and executive powers of Government which all offend the constitution,” said Basalirwa.

“This appointment is going to compromise and undermine the fatherly figure of the Kyabazinga who is a uniting force and an embodiment of culture, norms and values”

Basaliwa further argued that the “Katuukiro” (Prime Minister) of Busoga, Dr.Joseph Muvawala is already a public servant serving in a very demanding position of the Executive Director of National Planning Authority, and hence the Institution of Kyabazinga shall be deprived of indispensable human resource in running the kingdom affairs.

Basalirwa appealed to the royal council of Busoga and members of the royal family to advise the king to decline this appointment because it is the most ridiculous thing ever to happen in Busoga.

“If the Kyabazinga accepts this appointment, it will be an insult to us the Basoga and we shall have no option but to go court to file a suit in the constitutional court seeking for the interpretation of the constitution,” said Basalirwa.

Basalirwa argued that President Yoweri Museveni has always again cautioned cultural leaders against involving in from politics and focus on uniting their subjects.



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