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Buganda land lease faces more opposition

After Betty Amongi, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development questioned the spirit of the 49 year land lease Buganda Kingdom crafted, another minister, Abdul Nadduli has voiced his criticism. Nadduli, a loyalist of the Buganda Kingdom has described the lease agreement as “poisonous”.

While officiating at a Centenary bank function in Wobulenzi, Luweero, the minister without portfolio said Baganda should not embrace the campaign because the 1900 Buganda Agreement does not give the people of Buganda a time period of ownership. He also urged President Museveni not to back the lease agreement. Under the campaign, Buganda kingdom hopes to give tenants on its land lease offers for 49 years. Critics say the move could trigger mass evictions by unscrupulous kingdom officials. Nadduli demanded that the lease be disbanded immediately.


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  1. Being Minister without Portfolio does not give authority to Nadduli to order the stoppage of Buganda’s programs. He can go to Mengo and give his views like a respectable statesman instead of using the press and public events to drive his point home.

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