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Bahati asks pastors to support FBO policy


Minister Bahati. FILE PHOTO @parliament_ug

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The State Minister of Finance for Planning, David Bahati has asked pastors to support the draft Faith-Based Organization policy because it is aimed at creating a better working relationship between the government and church.

FBO’s policy, a legal framework designed to monitor and regulate activities of FBO’s in Uganda has been drafted by the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President.

The proposed policy among others seeks to provide standard guidelines on starting churches, enhance the partnership between government and FBOs in the fight against corruption and to regulate some activities that may seem to promote disharmony in society.

The policy also requires having all religious clerics including pastors and Muslim imams to acquire minimum academic qualifications.

Bahati says that policy is very important in governing the church. He also said that since it is the role of the government to provide security to the church and its leaders, it is paramount to have such policies for easy management.

Bahati says that before the policy is debated in cabinet, all religious leaders will first be consulted and their views considered.

Last week, the National Forum of Pastors petitioned President Yoweri Museveni to halt the draft policy. They said that is uncalled for and oppressive to persons that are called to serve God.



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  1. Mr Minister Sir, with due respect, there some questions one would love to have answers for:
    1. Do the Church need a policy to have a good working space with the Government, or we need Law abiding citizens?
    2.Doesn’t sound that the Mechanisms put in place to fight Corruption, hence you regulate the Church to fight it?
    3.Isn’t prudent to empower our Security Bodies to weed criminals out of any community other than hiding behind regulatory policies?
    4.You and many that have a mind that these Churches are run by unlearned pastors ever considered the fact that many have Education qualifications though not in what you think needed but also in different capacities?
    4.Has all the Corruption that has flooded every office government or Non generated by the Pastors lack of formal education?(It will be absurd for one to mistake these views as advocating for literacy).
    5.Do not really Ugandans know which people and there religious beliefs those who have plundered this Country?

    My humble advice to every one SOME PEOPLE ARE WATCHING.

    For God and my Country.

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