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AUGUST 2023: Uganda Population Census set for next year

President Yoweri Museveni and the First Family were the first to be counted by UBOS in 2014, the last census. FILE PHOTO PPU

*⃣ Total Population in 2014 was 34.6 milion
*⃣ Females 51% of population
*⃣ Children below 18 years 55%
*⃣ Fertility rate was 5.8 children per woman.
*⃣ Infant mortality 53 deaths per 1000 live births
*⃣ Literacy rate 72%] *⃣ 12.5% of primary school children not going to school

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda will hold a census on 24th and 25th August 2023. The national population and housing census will come a year earlier than expected, according to Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance.

He made the announcement today, as he he outlined Cabinet decisions from yesterday’s meeting.

The Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) usually carries out census every 10 years, and with the last census having been held in 2014, the year 2022 had been earmarked.

Previous census have faced delays. There was a delay in 2002,  then UBOS conduced the one of 2012 in August 2014. The Census 2014 was carried out under the theme “Counting for Planning and Improved Service Delivery” and the Census Reference Night was the Night of 27th August 2014

This was the 5th post-independence Census in Uganda.

The UN mid-year population for Uganda, for the financial year 2020/21, is said to be 47.1 million. However, the government of Uganda’s official population projection for the same period is 42.4 million, resulting in a 4.7 million difference.





  1. Having been “counted” in 2002 just before leaving the country for an exposure. I was a resident of a village close to Kamwokya and close to the main road

    It was a disappointment to miss out in 2014. We sat in our houses waiting to be “counted” but alas no body turned up
    I suspect it was because my new residence has no proper label of either the street or the housing unit

    In the recent past some numbers were placed at the gate but seem to have disappeared

    We eagerly await the exercise, hopefully the peculiar Determinants of disease in these urban dwellings will be captured

  2. I love this exercise because it enables the government to plan for us as Ugandans and it has changed many lives in our country and this time round am also willing to participate in head counting.

  3. Am happy and glad tiat UBOS is also looking behind to carry out a census which is good because it helps the government in proper planning, there4 as the number of peopie increases, the services should also be increased as well as goods. I can`t also a wait for the exercise eager to participate.

  4. Otelu John Albert

    I can’t wait to participate in the exercise of head counting. I love our government for organizing such a program for better planning

  5. Really am humbled to hear about this trending program of UBOS ,I pray that I be among thethe luck ones to participate in the program


    I’m willing to participate

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