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Anti-corruption walk paralyzes transport in Kampala

Traffic Flow paralysed along Lumumba Avenue in Kampala ahead of the Anti Corruption Walk

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Transport within Kampala city centre was on Wednesday paralysed following the anti-corruption walk. The walk is aimed at intensifying the fight against corruption.     

The walk being led by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni started at around 8:30 am from the Constitutional Square to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds where the main event is taking place. 

He was accompanied by ministers, Members of Parliament, members of civil society organizations and religious leaders among others.

The walk however paralyzed traffic in the central business district and other parts of the town. 

Several roads in the central business district were closed forcing many motorists to abandon their vehicles and resorted to walking. All motor cycles were also not allowed to go beyond the cut off points.

Major roads leading to the city centre were blocked by military and police. The usually busy Kampala and Jinja roads were empty of cars while businesses on the roads were closed. 

Motorists heading to the city centre from Wandegeya were also diverted to Nakasero Road while Nile Avenue was also restricted and motorists diverted at Speake Road. 

In some places, Boda Boda cyclists also hiked the transport costs.

Erias Ssembatya, a resident of Bwaise says that he was charged 4,000 shillings to town yet he normally pays 3,000 shillings.



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  1. Anti-corruption walk?


    This reminds me of stories my Mzee told me about when he was a child. That swarms of locusts would arrive, darkening the sky like heavy rain clouds, devouring all the crops and leaving behind nothing but months of famine for entire populations to suffer. That in sheer desperation, rather than do nothing at all, they would go outside and beat drums as loud as they could to try and chase away at least some of the locusts so that the destruction wouldn’t be as bad, and at least they could feel like they were at least doing something about the situation rather than resigning to the hopelessness of impending doom.

    Anti-corruption walk? It seems the lack of seriousness about ending corruption is far worse than imagined.

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