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2012 was a year of rich Harvest in Somalia – UPDF

The Uganda Contingent commander, Brig Michael Ondoga said: “We are glad that after security mobilization and assurance of security by AMISOM, the populace now detests Al shabaab and therefore the insurgents should urgently consider disengaging and joining in the National peace building process because modern wars cannot be won without the support of the population.”

Loss of vast strategic territory and personnel due to defections and being captured while in combat was not all that the Al Shabaab suffered in 2012.

They also further lost sources of their revenue not only due to the capture of places like Kismayo, Afgoye and Marka but also due to the UN security Council resolution that banned exportation of charcoal which was their main source of revenue left.

As the year grew in months there has been general improvement in the Economic sector too with many Somalis living abroad coming back to invest in Somalia and an average of over 16 international flights coming in and (usually equal numbers) out per day at Mogadishu International airport.

Maj Obbo says, there has also been a record increased revenue collection at Mogadishu sea port by the end of the year as the number of Ships docking have close to doubled since October 2012,” adding that, “Sea safety has also improved as the NATO December 2012 report indicated that there has not been hijack by pirates off Somalia coast in the last six months of the year. This was attributed among other to the improved security situation within Somalia itself where the Pirates originated.”

Very Important also in 2012 was a successful political process which saw for the first time in two decades the opening of a constituency assembly on July 25th, approval of a draft constitution on August 1st, election of Members of parliament on August 20th, election of a speaker of parliament on August 28th, presidential election on September 10th, and appointment of a Prime minister on October 6th, and a cabinet on November 4th who were all overwhelmingly approved by the parliament.

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