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Wakiso district tops in violence cases against children

FILE PHOTO: A number of children have fallen victims to violence during this lockdown.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Wakiso has topped the districts with the highest cases of violence against children, according to reports by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

Out of the 1967 cases reported between January and April 2020, 934 cases were in Wakiso district, followed by Kampala with 578 cases.

According to Peace Mutuzo, the State Minister in-charge of Gender and Culture Affairs, this is a worrying trend considering that the cases in just four months are over 60 percent of all the cases of violence against children reported in 2019.

Last year, 3,037 cases were reported of which 1,148 were against girls while the cases of violence against boys were 766. Fathers were at the forefront of this violence followed by none related adults and then the mothers. Neglect and physical abuse were the most prominent cases registered.

Mutuzo was speaking today at the Uganda Media Centre about the International Day of the Family that is celebrated every May 15. This year’s celebration that comes at a time when much of the world is under a lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be held under the theme, “Family: A Key to Sustainable Peace and Development.”

The State Minister said in order to appreciate families for staying together during the pandemic, the government agreed to commemorate the day. “The theme requires us to understand the role of a stable and harmonious family and how it contributes to peace and sustainable development in the country. It is well known that strong families create strong societies and nations at large. The family cannot be strong if there is violence, poverty and children are not being nurtured into good citizens,” said Mutuzo.

She added that her ministry has developed parenting guidelines to offer guidance on roles and responsibilities of all family members which she said some aspects are of very high value during the lockdown. She reminded families to make decisions together including children’s voices and committing to staying together through good and bad times.

“Where the guidelines cannot be followed, parents and guardians can seek psychosocial support services which the Ministry of Gender is taking lead through the community development officers and the probation officers at district level and lower levels,” Mutuzo said.

According to the police reports, between March 30 to April 28th, 3280 cases of domestic violence have been reported around the country.



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