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UN reaffirms support to East African industrialization drive

The economic Community of East African States.

Dar, Tanzania | Xinhua  | The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has reaffirmed its support to industrialization drive in the East African Community (EAC) region, the EAC said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement issued by the EAC headquarters in the northern city of Arusha said the reaffirmation was made by UNIDO representative to Tanzania, Mauritius and the EAC, Stephen Kargbo, when he held talks with EAC secretary general, Peter Mathuki, on Thursday.

Kargbo said UNIDO will continue to play its role by supporting relevant institutions in capacity building activities for strengthening industrial policy making capacities in the region, said the statement.

He said the EAC-UNIDO partnership has been instrumental in supporting and tracking industrial development in the region.

He added that UNIDO will play a key role in linking EAC industries with international partners, arriving at shared solutions, and providing up-to-date knowledge on industrial diagnosis and policymaking.

“We must have clear goals in mind for our industrial transitions: what we should achieve, what we can achieve, and how we should go about it,” said Kargbo.

For his part, Mathuki noted the important role UNIDO has played over the years in supporting the EAC’s industrialization efforts.

“UNIDO’s contribution to the industrialization efforts in the region remains unsurpassed,” said Mathuki.



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