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Uhuru celebrations in Malaysia, Somalia hails Uganda relations

Dorothy Samali Hyuha cuts the cake. PHOTO MOFA

Kampala, Uganda  | MOFA | Ambassador Dorothy Samali Hyuha has hosted a dinner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to celebrate Uganda’s 55th Independence anniversary.

Addressing the large turn-up of Ugandan diaspora at Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Hyuha said,  “I am impressed with your active participation in the national event as evidenced here today. Most Ugandan diaspora possess impressive knowledge, skills, talents and financial resources that have already significantly contributed to the host country and home.”

“I encourage all the Uganda Diaspora to register with the Uganda High Commission,” she said. Uganda’s Mission in Malaysia was established in 2015.

In further  recognition of diaspora contributions to National Development, she informed the gathering that the Ministry o Foreign Affairs had recently undergone a restructuring exercise which saw the establishment of a Diaspora Services Department.

The Ugandans were joined in the celebrations by MAPE, Cloud 10 and the tourism sector. “You have energized me and our business trajectory between our two sister countries to grow from strength to strength” she said

“I am delighted to serve in Malaysia where the Government of Uganda has cordial bilateral relations which have existed for a long time. This long existing relationship and cooperation must be enhanced from strength to strength in economic, commercial and public diplomacy,” she said.

Malaysia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dato’Sri Anifah Aman congratulated the Ugandans. “I have the honour to extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes to Your Excellency, On this joyous occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the republic of Uganda. I sincerely hope that our two countries would continue to be engaged in achieving mutually beneficial cooperation, for their well-being and prosperity of our people,” he said.

Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Khayre joined in celebration of Uganda’s independence on Monday. PHOTO AMISOM

Somalia hails Uganda

In Mogadishu, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Khayre has commended the Ugandan government for contribution made in ending the decade-long civil war and bringing back hope for peace and security in the horn of Africa country.

Khayre made the remarks at a ceremony hosted by the Ugandan embassy in Somalia, Monday, to mark 55th Independence Anniversary .

He noted that the two countries had strong historical relations, which had seen them help each other in times of need.

“Uganda led the rallying call to deploy forces to Somalia in 2007. These brave forces, working together with our Somali troops, and other Troop Contributing Countries have facilitated the return of hope for the Somali people; given them an opportunity for freedom and prosperity that they have not experienced for many years,” the Prime Minister stated.

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