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Uganda’s COVID-19 infections enter stage three

FILE PHOTO: Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda has entered the third stage of infection of COVID-19. This was revealed by the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng on Saturday following an increase in the number of community cases.

She said so far, 33 districts have had a positive case and such cases make a total of 243.

According to the World Health Organization, there are four stages of the disease. Stage one is getting imported cases, stage two local transmission when a person who’s been to a global hotspot infects a resident.

The third stage is community transmission and stage 4 is an epidemic.

However, stage three is deemed the most deadly stage by experts with cases reported everywhere with no trace of how exactly they could have gotten infected with.

In this phase, experts say undiagnosed cases infect others making it difficult for doctors to trace, isolate and treat patients. As a result, infection clusters spiral out of control and turn into epidemics.

In the last three days, positive cases have been picked from several districts for instance on Friday, one community case tested positive in Arua and two others in Kyotera.

On Thursday, some positives were picked from Tororo and Gulu whereas on Wednesday community cases were reported in Kampala, Amuru, Dokolo and Moyo.

So far, China has been the only country to experience Stage 4, where the spread is practically uncontrollable and there are many major clusters of infection all over the country.s




  1. So what happened in Italy wasn’t stage 4?

  2. When will vaccination being

  3. Ainamaani Rogers

    God save us from this eval

  4. Twongyirwe javiira

    Ohh God help us ,but I think we can use all health workers to help medical personals like health inspectors,His,public health officers to avoid being overwhelmed by cases and working as intelligence of health to act as examples .

  5. I think Covid-19 infections will not get finished since it keeps on getting transmitted from one person to another. It might be like malaria. It’s only Allah who knows what he will do for us.

  6. At this point the ministry should institute district quarantined because uganda is a small country with a high population and limited medical facilities so if many people get nfected at ago then medical personnel cannot handle the patients.Actually failure to attend to patients is what causes deaths.
    And Ugandans should take a personal responsibility and practice cautionary measures
    God save us

  7. Mwesigwa jaffar

    Corona virus fight does not only need health professional/specialists/experts and scientists as a leading bodywork only. Yes it is good but needs to think future. It also needs an additional ideas and advises, plans, programmes in all aspects up to local people sectorism in the fight of the killer covid 19 in the areas of prevention, protection and cure coz it’s everybody’s concern for life. Let’s allow all advises , plans in from all corners at all levels then the professionals and experts can now sort out what will work what will not work what need to be amplified so like that. I hope for the immediate positive consideration. Thanks

  8. It is all about God making Ugandans.

  9. I do thank the president of the republic of Uganda for the effort he has put in the fight against Covid 19.I think if we can follow all his directives, we shall overcome this evil

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