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UGANDA: 14 new cases of COVID

Health worker collects a saliva swab for COVID testing. All new cases are previous contacts of truck drivers who were under quarantine. File photo

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Fourteen new cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed bringing the number of confirmed Ugandan nationals  to 212.

All the new cases are previous contacts of truck drivers who were under quarantine at the time that they were tested. The new cases were part of 1,739 samples that were tested yesterday.

According to the Ministry of health, over 1500 people are under quarantine at 150 sites in the country. Majority of the sites are located in the Northern part of the country.

A total of five Tanzanian truck drivers who tested positive for the virus were yesterday handed over to Tanzanian authorities.


  1. We are to pay heavily for the sìn of the govt for allowing truck drivers enter uganda. The govt got 96percent right when they announced the first measurés but they have totally failed and made suicide themselves . Now the fruit of the suicìde ìs being reaped

  2. musinguzi walden

    One may cry or laugh at this trend of covid 19 in our country

  3. Thanks to gov’t for efforts made to battle with covid-19. The only oversite was with truck drivers handling, which may be catastrophic in future.

  4. This is good.
    Atleast it shows that the rest of the country was right to question the truck driver policy.and govnnt is to blame for all these contact cases.

    In a way it might be good to get many more cases so that govnnt comes to it’s senses on truck drivers.

  5. Pastor Paul Baker

    The greatest problem is the control of truck drivers on the various borders surrounding Uganda. A simple solution to this is to stop all foreign drivers in the Transit are, disinfect the cabins for a period of time. Then you ONLY allow the Uganda driver(who has been previously tested negative to drive the truck to the next border(if the truck is going to transit to another country) and leave the truck in the transit area . Pastor Paul Baker

  6. Tumwesigye john baptist

    Uganda shud first stop reopening schools due 2 learners/students sharing countries for education

  7. The Gov’t should consider strong conditions on truck drivers. Coz this is going to be another big problem to the spread of covid-19.

  8. What is confusing govt’ he want ug to reach number 10000 and above so he will stop truck!

  9. Keep it MR Presdent Tulimabeegawo(thunakukwamire enyuma)

  10. Please let the government not reopen schools without clear guidelines on how to manage the dangerous covid19 , those children are uganda of tomorrow so let’s not lose them early like that.

  11. Thanks to the medical personnel’s and the measures taken by the gvt in order to achieve that number of recoveries let the public places remain closed in order to maintain minimum number of infections

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