Saturday , February 24 2018
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Turkey boosts anti-riot training

Eighty Field Force Unit (FFU) Officers have acquired new anti-riot techniques from Turkish police experts.

The 10 day training has harnessed skills in handling violent and non violent situations, teargas training and  fire control. FFU thereafter showcased some fighting techniques that included baton and blocking protection, reformation for protection and others.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Frederick Iga and Turkey Police Director to Uganda Topal Oktay handed out certificates to the FFU at Mandela Stadium, Namboole on Friday.

Deputy Director Human Resource Development Felix Ndyomugyeni thanked the Turkish government for the donation of equipment and training. “We have had training in traffic control, counter terrorism and advanced courses in Turkey among selected officers. If resources are permitted, we would have retraining for our constables,” Ndyomugenyi said.

Oktay said the increased friendship between  the two countries has fostered training for the Ugandan police to equip them with more vibrant techniques.

” The police ought to fight protesters and demonstrators keeping in mind how the law operates because they are also under the International law.”

Iga hailed the FFU. “Instill a culture of listening and predicting your next move by reacting on time to any circumstance. The public must simply obey the law and the police ought to mobilise communities through a critical mass, dominating the environment and identifying themselves and enemies.”



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