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Traffic jam hits Kampala as anti-corruption walk starts


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Several roads in the central business district have been closed ahead of the anti-corruption walk that President Yoweri Museveni will lead today. The walk is aimed at intensifying the fight against corruption.

The walk will start from the Constitutional Square to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, and a number of people are expected to participate in this walk. All roads leading to the venue have already been hit by long traffic jams as police controls entry.

The main route for the walk will be Buganda Road (Constitutional Square), Square Road, Lumumba Avenue, High Court Round About, Speke Road, Standard Chartered Round About, Nile Avenue, UBC Round about, Nakumatti (Garden City) Round About, Jinja Traffic Lights, Jinja Road, Wampewo Round About, Wampewo Avenue, up to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

According to SSP Norman Musinga , Kampala Metropolitan Police Traffic Commander, participants will be allowed to access both venues after going through the security check points.


Traffic along Kampala Road will be restricted from Bombo Road at Kyagwe Road and Lugogo Bypass.

VVIPs with stickers will park inside High Court and Grand Imperial Parking and will access through Kampala Road.

The participants will be dropped off at City Square along Kampala Road and the vehicles will park at the designated parking areas which include City High School, UMI, Forest Mall Lugogo, Hotel Africana.

Motorists heading to the City Centre from Wandegeya will be diverted at Nakasero Road; Lumumba Avenue (French Embassy), George Street to Kyagwe Road.

There will be restricted access to Nile Avenue; hence traffic will be diverted at Pilkington Road (UMEME), Speke Road at Post Office, Saidi Barrie at Parliamentary Avenue, Shimon Road at ABSA Bank.

Traffic to the City Centre via Accacia Avenue will be diverted at Fairway Traffic Lights to Wandegeya.

Traffic along Yusuf Lule Road towards Jinja Road Traffic Lights and Garden City Roundabout will be diverted from Mulago Round about to Wandegeya.

Motorists heading to Jinja will be diverted at Nasser/Nkurumah/Entebbe Road Junction to Clock Tower, Mukwano Road to connect to Industrial Area.

Traffic to the City Centre via Mukwano Road will be diverted to Clock Tower.

Traffic to the City Centre along Jinja Road will be diverted to Industrial Area at Fourth Street, Third Street, First Street and access the City Centre via 6th and 7th Streets to connect to Clock Tower.

There will be restricted access to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds at Lower Kololo Terrace, Upper Kololo Terrace, Elgon Terrace, Philip Drive, Prince Charles Drive, Impala Avenue and Upper Kololo/Wampewo Avenue Traffic Lights.

All motorists from Eastern route will be diverted at Namboole (Northern Bypass), Kinawataka Road, Spear Motors, Nakawa Traffic lights and Lugogo By pass to take different directions depending on where they are heading.

The participants are advised to leave behind their personal cars.

All motor cycles are not allowed to go beyond the cut off points.



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