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This tiny sticker keeps fruits fresh for 14 days?

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Food waste is one the greatest challenges of our time, and fruits and vegetables are particularly problematic, as an estimated 52% of harvests go bad before reaching consumers.

But one Malaysian company claims to have come up with a simple and effective solution to this problem; Stixfresh  – a tiny sticker that keeps fruits from spoiling for up to two weeks.

It allegedly contains a special, all-natural formula that slows down the ripening process, keeping the fruit fresh and juicy for much longer.

Stixfresh founder Zhafri Zainudin says he came up with the idea for the stickers four years ago, after visiting a friend who operated a fruit stall and was losing money every day due to spoiled fruits. He partnered with universities, research institutions, and agencies to create Stixfresh.

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