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Terego district moots ordinance on daytime consumption of alcohol

Terego, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Consumption of alcohol during daytime will soon be banned in Terego district, according to an ordinance in the offing.

The by-law named Drug and Substance Control Ordinance 2021 seeks to among others protect the physical, mental and social well-being of the people by controlling the sale, consumption and transportation and consumption of drugs and substances.

The ordinance prohibits the operation of bars before 5 pm and bans the sale of alcohol in bars, joints and restaurants across the district during the daytime. It also seeks to prohibit the sale of alcohol in kiosks, groceries by the roadside or open places.

The draft ordinance that has already been laid before the council provides for the prohibition of public advertisement and sale of alcohol in moving or stationed vehicles and provides a jail term of not less than six months without a monetary option to any person or group of persons who contravene the time guidelines.

The ordinance was drafted by Augustine Vuni, the councilor representing Odupi sub county and chairperson of the social services committee who was granted leave of the council last year for the same. He says that the move is based on findings that heavy alcohol consumption has affected production in the district as men spend more of their time drinking than working.

The new ordinance is being made under sections 38 and 40 of the Local Government Act, which empower district councils to make laws that are not inconsistent with the Constitution or any other law made by Parliament.

Peter Bosses Arubaku, the councillor representing Uriama sub-county to the district has welcomed the proposed ordinance, saying excessive alcohol consumption especially among the youth is responsible for the high rates of crime in the district.

Besides Terego district, other districts such as Arua and Gulu have already passed by-laws banning the sale and consumption of sachet waragi as well as regulating the hours of consumption of alcohol.



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