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Drug-resistant TB

A new study offers new hope The conversation | Andrew Nunn & I.D. Rusen | Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death in the world from a single infectious disease, causing more deaths than HIV/AIDS. In 2017, 10 million people developed TB disease globally and an estimated 1.6 million …

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Onion could help fight TB antibiotic resistance

Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | A type of onion called the Persian Shallot could help the fight against antibiotic resistance in cases of tuberculosis, a study has suggested. Researchers believe the antibacterial properties extracted from the Persian shallot could increase the effects of existing antibiotic treatment. They said this could help …

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Tanzania to double TB-sniffing giant rats

Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | The use of giant rats to sniff out tuberculosis (TB) in Tanzania is set to nearly double by the end of the year due to successful detection rates, a charity who trains them is quoted in a Reuters Africa report as saying. African Giant Pouched Rats, …

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Why tuberculosis persists

By Michael C. Fairbanks Many of history’s greatest personalities; Eleanor Roosevelt, George Orwell, Franz Kafka all died of TB It surprises many people in Europe and North America that tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the great scourges in human history. One out of every three people in the world is …

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Banks optimistic of a better year

BoU cut its central bank rate from 13% in October to 12% in December to stimulate economic activities As 2017 business starts commercial banks are optimistic that the sector will register a surge in profitability on the back of improving economy and a reduction in Non-Performing Loans. Speaking to The …

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