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US state allows children younger than 10 to hunt with guns

Chicago, United States | AFP | One of America’s most permissive hunting laws takes effect Saturday, allowing children younger than 10 years old to carry their own guns in Wisconsin’s forests. The new law was signed last weekend by the midwestern state’s Republican governor Scott Walker, and goes into effect almost …

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Republicans want to make it easier to buy silencers for guns

Washington, United States | AFP | Republican lawmakers on Tuesday proposed making it easier to buy silencers for firearms, scandalizing Democrats. The proposed legislation aims mainly to benefit hunters or owners of firing ranges and contains several provisions, including the one on silencers. Since 1934, a government permit has been required …

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Gun attacks and suicide bombs in Tehran, at least three dead

Tehran, Iran | AFP |  Gunmen and suicide bombers carried out coordinated attacks on Iran’s parliament and the tomb of revolutionary founder Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, state media reported, killing at least three people. It was not immediately clear who was behind the attacks but Iran is a key player …

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US court battle gives clues to Nigerian arms scandal

Abuja, Nigeria | AFP |  The claims read like the plot of a best-selling thriller, with secretive arms dealers and a corruption-riddled government fighting jihadists. The weapons deal collapses in acrimony but instead of a shoot-out, the embittered parties fight it out in court. In this real life saga, Ara …

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