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Preserving Uganda’s indigenous cattle breeds on track: Gov’t

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | There are increasing calls for conservation, preservation and protection of indigenous livestock breeds, especially cattle to avoid their extinction. The animals are increasingly declining in number as more and more farmers go for crossbreeds to increase the output of livestock products, mainly milk and beef. There …

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Minority tribes call for establishment of cultural museums

Kasese, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Indigenous minority tribes in Kasese district have asked the government through the Ministries of Gender, Labour and Social Development, and Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities for support to establish cultural museums to preserve their culture that is on the verge of extinction. They argue that cultural …

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Rampant killing of Crested cranes upsets conservation campaign in Lwengo

Lwengo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The International Crane Foundation (ICF), a conservation organization has expressed concern about the rate at which crested cranes are trapped and killed in Lwengo district. According to ICF, the uncontrolled hunting, eating and killing of the precious national emblem is frustrating the ongoing campaign to …

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Lwengo schools join campaign to conserve the Crested crane

Lwengo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Lwengo district and the International Crane Foundation (ICF) in East Africa have taken the ‘Cranes In a Classroom’ campaign to primary and secondary schools in a bid to conserve the national emblem which is nearing extinction. The campaign follows the death of 60 gray …

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Colobus monkey faces extinction in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A rare monkey type found on the slopes of mountain Elgon, Virunga and Malamagambo forest is on the brink of extinction. A country census carried out in 2012 found the black and white, red and blue colobus monkey numbers had dwindled to 1,110 from …

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Ugandan cheetah, spotted hyena face extinction

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The cheetah of Kidepo Valley National Park, Pian Upe Game Reserve and Matheniko-Bokora Wildlife Reserve is critically threatened, according to a new red list of critically endangered species released by the Ministry of Tourism. The same list also names the spotted Hyena of Queen …

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