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How to safely watch an eclipse

Miami, UNITED STATES | AFP | Everyone who plans to look skyward when the solar eclipse sweeps across the United States on Monday should have the proper protective eyewear, or risk lasting blind spots, experts warn. Regular sunglasses will not do, the US space agency says. Only eclipse glasses that have …

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Eclipse-chasers trot the globe, addicted to Moon’s shadow

Miami, UNITED STATES | AFP | Eclipse-chasers are a dedicated crew of scientists who travel the globe to catch a few moments in eerie darkness, and even after seeing dozens of eclipses, they say they can’t get enough. Also known as “umbraphiles,” these self-described addicts live their lives in pursuit of …

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Facts about the US solar eclipse on August 21

Miami, UNITED STATES | AFP |On Monday, August 21, for the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will march across the entire United States. “The Great American Eclipse” will cast a shadow over the whole country, moving diagonally from Oregon in the northwest to South Carolina in …

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Stargazers applaud as moon eclipses sun

Sarmiento, Argentina | AFP | Stargazers applauded as they were plunged into darkness Sunday when the moon passed in front of the sun in a spectacular “ring of fire” eclipse. Astronomers and enthusiasts in Argentina were among the first to see the so-called annular eclipse as it crossed South America …

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