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Benefits of fasting

It may prevent insulin resistance | ANA SANDOIU | New research adds to the mounting evidence that fasting may be helpful in the fight against obesity and its related conditions. By increasing certain proteins, the practice may protect against metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and liver disease, but the ‘timing of and …

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God can `save’ you – literally, scientists find

How religious experiences may benefit mental health | ANA SANDOIU | A survey of thousands of people suggests that mystical experiences positively affect a person’s mental health, regardless of whether they are naturally occurring or a result of psychedelic drugs. New research suggests that having deep religious experiences may significantly …

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Daytime naps could help us make better decisions

A new study in the Journal of Sleep Research, examines unconscious activity Kampala, Uganda | ANA SANDOIU |  A short daytime nap could do wonders for our brains’ ability to process information, suggests a new study. Sleep is key in both memory formation and the consolidation of new information. Cutting-edge …

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Want to de-stress?

Delete Facebook, study suggests Kampala, Uganda | ANA SANDOIU | If Cambridge Analytica didn’t put you off Facebook forever, this might: a new study says that quitting the social media network can drastically lower your stress levels. The Cambridge Analytica scandal — also known as the largest data leak in Facebook …

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