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Privatise national museums

Kampala, Uganda |  IAN KATUSIIME | Amos Wekesa is the CEO of Great Lakes Safaris, a tour and travel company. He spoke to Ian Katusiime about tourism in 2017 and the prospects that lie ahead. What have been your highlights for tourism in 2017? Tourism in 2017 was showing signs of …

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COMMENT: Parenting challenges

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa | Recently out of curiosity, my son asks me why I fly economy class when I travel with him, his brother and sister. I realized that children need a lot more explanation about why we do certain things. I tell my son, I make sure I don’t …

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COMMENT: Uganda’s dilemma

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa | After reading The Daily Monitor yesterday and seeing Justice Stephen Kavuma back, I told a business friend of mine that we urgently need to form a task force that will educate Ugandan politicians, civil servant basics of investment while one can. If we don’t do …

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COMMENT: The Primate Lodge story

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa |  Towards the end of 2005, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) called for expression of interest in running two rooms that existed in Kibale National Park and I thought since there was no indigenious Ugandans seriously running an accommodation inside a national park, I would give it …

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COMMENT: The top job at Uganda’s CAA!

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa Last evening some guys were talking about how people were lobbying so hard for Uganda’s  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) top job and my heart sank. CAA is the government agency responsible for licensing, monitoring, and regulating civil aviation matters and if we miss the train …

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