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The art of cancer

Adventurous `Staying Alive’ exhibit documents the Uganda Cancer Institute Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | The story of cancer in Uganda is a touching one. With minimal resources and infrastructure to combat the disease coupled with the swelling numbers of patients admitted to the Uganda Cancer Institute Mulago every day, …

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ARTS: Unfamiliarity at surfaces exhibition

Some of the drawings are larger than life hanging on the white-washed walls of the large gallery space. At the entrance, a glass bottles installation hangs like a chandelier from the ceiling. KAMPALA, UGANDA |DOMINIC MUWANGUZI| Inside the bottles are drawings of different facial expressions staring at you. Right beneath it, …

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ARTS: Scenes of contrast

Romantic Lamu and easy Kisenyi Kampala, Uganda| DOMINIC MUWANGUZI |Lamu, a beautiful idyllic Island located along the Indian Ocean coastline in Kenya is a popular holiday resort. The island boasts of sandy beaches and Afro-Arabian culture depicted in the architecture, cuisine, language and costumes of the habitants. Like any coastal town …

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Jjuuko creates food for thought art

Imagine a food market, almost anywhere in Uganda. Often it will have a section for matooke (green bananas). Usually, it is a beehive of calling out to customers, haggling, exchanging money, and carrying bunches of matooke about on bicycles, the head, shoulder, or arms. By Dominic Muwanguzi Now imagine a …

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ARTS: To live is to become

Uganda artist Waswad steps into controversy By Dominic Muwanguzi The opening day of Ugandan artist Donald Augustine Wasswa aka Waswad at Afriart in Kampala has gone down in local art lore because of one of the works on display titled controversially as `My Screw ups 1, 2& 3’. This is …

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ARTS: Ronex unveils legacy works

His metallic figurines exude a fresh uniqueness Ronex Ahimbisibwe’s artistic enterprise has ensured he becomes a master of technical inventions in art. That and his tenacity as an artist make him stand out. They might also be his legacy. Of the crop of Uganda’s contemporary artists that have been practicing …

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