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Stupid army officers would think of a military takeover- Gen Muntu

By Julius Odeke

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Gen Mugisha Muntu on Thursday said, “Its only stupid army officers who will think of a military takeover.”

He made these remarks in a press conference at Nanjjankumbi saying, “The use of a language that can have the effect of inciting the military against the civilian institutions by state belongs to history both here at home but also within the East African community.

Gen Muntu called upon the military to find comfort and security in a stable democracy rather than fortifying through force and fear because across the Continent, it is evident that such actions are not sustainable.

The FDC party boss said he finds it necessary as a person with a military background to give advice. As a country we recognize that there are challenges that we face, but the onus is on all of us to act together within the provision of the law and manage the transition, which apparently is inevitable.

“However, this to the president, I would like to point out strongly to you that there is still life outside power and also recognize that there are many Ugandans who can ably run this country,” Gen Muntu said.

This should give you comfort to retire with the utmost feeling that this country will move on and prosper beyond your leadership.

Gen Muntu’s remarks come in response to the statement attributed to President Museveni and the Minister for Defense Dr Crispu Kiyonga regarding a possible takeover of government by the army if the confusion in parliament continues.

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