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Strict new traffic guidelines for Martyrs Day

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As the country prepares to celebrate Uganda Martys Day on Friday June 3 2016, police have come out with new traffic guidelines for road users to make it easier to manage the huge crowds expected.

Traffic directors have designed 300 red, 100yellow and 50 blue stickers for invited guests who will be driving in different categories. “The VIPs with red stickers will access Namugongo via kyaliwajjala and park at Namugongo primary school play ground. Those in possession of blue stickers will park at Vienna College Namugongo,” Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Commander Norman Musiima told the press.

“Others with yellow stickers will park at Little Sister of St. Francis and will be accessed via Kyaliwajjala, proceed towards Kira then branch off to Semambo road.”

VIPs going to the protestant shrine will access the venue via Bweyogerere and Seeta to park at the protestant play ground.

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According to the traffic plan, pilgrims using public service buses and hired buses will be dropped off at Kyaliwanjjala and the latter will park at Namboole Stadium via Naalya. Thereafter they will collect their passengers at the end of the function. They have been advised to appoint stewards to organise their travel arrangements and avoid blocking other road users.

Pilgrims accessing the venue from Northern Bypass from areas of Ntinda, Hoima road, Bwaise will park at St. Peter’s S.S and Hillside Nursery and Primary School. Pilgrims accessing through Kira Town Council will park at Kira Town Council grounds.

Other pilgrims from Eastern route and other areas lead to Kireka and Bweyogerere will park at Namboole National Stadium (Open ground).

Police ruled that parking of vehicles around the Catholic and Protestant shrines is illegal, unless one is in possession of a sticker. Also stretches from Kireka to Kyaliwanjjala, Kyaliwanjjala to Kira town council, Kyaliwanjjala to Catholic and Protestant shrine and Kyaliwanjjala to Hillside Nursery and primary school are illegal parking ways. The route Kireka to Kyaliwajjala will be one way.

“Anyone acting in contrary to the traffic guidelines regarding parking sideways will face action against himself (drivers) and vehicles will be towed away to the nearest police station. Let’s observe disciple and adjust to the changes administered in a short period of time,” Musiima advised.



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