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Book Review

book review

The Politics of mourning

The Democratic Arts of Mourning reflects on the variety of ways in which mourning affects political and social life. In recent decades, political theorists have increasingly examined and explored the themes of loss, grief, and mourning. With an introduction that contextualizes the turn to mourning in previous scholarship on the …

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Mandela: saint or sellout

Book sheds light on how South African icon should be viewed | COLIN BUNDY AND WILLIAM BEINART | There are two widely available views of Nelson Mandela, the first post-apartheid president of South Africa. The first is a reverential and uncritical celebration of his life and achievements. It resonated in …

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JAMES ODONGO: Founder and headmaster of ‘The School of Hard Knocks’

 The life of Bishop James Odongo ✳ March 27, 1931 – BORN in Molo, Bukedi district ✳ May 8, 1931 – Baptized by Fr Willemen of Nagongera ✳ 1944 – Joined Nyenga Seminary ✳ 1956 – Ordained priest in Rome ✳ 1965 – Consecrated Bishop ✳ 1965 – Attends Second Vatican Council ✳ 1968 – Appointed Bishop …

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Nnabagereka launches Mpanga’s book ‘It’s A Pity She’s Not a Boy’

  Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda has applauded former minister Joyce Mpanga for being a true champion of women’s rights and writing a book about her life and achievements over the years. The Nnabagereka (Queen of Buganda), who also wrote the foreword to the book ‘It’s A Pity She’s Not …

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BOOK REVIEW: Profanity in society

Book review: Title: In Praise of Profanity, pp270 Author: Michael Adams Publisher: Oxford University Press The recent haranguing of the First Lady Janet Museveni by the profanity prone professor Stella Nyanzi of Makerere University (formerly?) raises the question of why some people opt for obscenity in expression. It also raise …

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BOOK REVIEW: Footprints of the Outsider

Many readers will easily relate with the realism in Julius Ocwinyo’s latest novel Julius Ocwinyo is arguably among Uganda’s literary luminaries, thanks to his three major fictional works that include the much acclaimed ‘Fate of the Banished’ (1997) that featured quite prominently in Uganda’s literature syllabus at university level, ‘The …

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