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Right attitude will take you places, Janet Museveni counsels youth

By Ronald Musoke

Janet Museveni, the first lady and patron of the Uganda Youth Forum has urged the Ugandan youth to emulate biblical David if they are to win the battle against contemporary challenges of unemployment and HIV/AIDS.

The first lady’s remarks came during the closure of the three-day national youth conference held in Kampala between Jan.22-24. This year’s conference was held under the theme, ‘A new dawn; the youth as pillars for national development.’

“Each of you has a challenge; it may be (finding) a job, fighting HIV, helping your family rise up.”

“Look to David whenever you are under challenges,” she told the attentive youth.

She said although David was young at the time, tending to his father’s sheep, he spent most of the time reflecting and praying to his God and when the challenge of Goliath came up, he was quick to take it up because he had a lot of confidence in God.

David’s story, she said, helps people to understand that knowledge of God helps them to confront challenges.

“Experience of knowledge of God is not learnt from anywhere but from personal confidence in God Himself (and) having confidence in God with whom you cannot fail to make an appointment will help you achieve,” she said.

At the three-day conference, the youth were engaged in a number of interactive sessions including HIV/AIDS prevention, leadership, entrepreneurship, community service as well as mindset and positive change.

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