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Rains cut off Mbale City temporarily

Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | At least four people, including a UPDF soldier, have been confirmed dead and several others are missing after floods cut off Mbale City after several rivers burst their banks.

The rains that started on Saturday at 8:00pm fell unril about 7:00am on Sunday Morning. The areas affected areas include; Namabasa, Busajabwankuba, Busamaga, Nkoma, Milo taano among others.

Ahamada Waashaki, the Mbale City Resident Commissioner confirmed to Uganda Radio Network (URN) that three rivers plunged into river Namatala where some of the victims died.  He added that there are fears that several other people have died and hundreds in Mbale City displaced from areas of Namabasa, Busajabwankuba, Busamaga, Nkoma and Milo taano.

Private Sam Chemulindwa, aged 26, attached to the 53rd Battalion was swept away by the floods. Bodies of the yet to be identified four other victims are still lying at Mbale City Morgue.

Major Isaac Owale, the 3rd Division UPDF Spokesperson said that an officer died at around 10:00PM. He said that Chemulindwa met his death when he was coming from the army barracks before he was  overpowered by the water that had cut off the road.

Several people especially in the areas of Busamaga, Busanjjabwankuba, Namatala and Namabasa have been left homeless. Crop gardens, bridges and roads have been washed away.

The floods have also affected schools like Oxford High School, Bugisu High School, former premises of Livingstone International University and Riverside High School and Hamadiya Muslim hospital have also  not been spared.

The flooding followed the heavy rains that filled the major rivers in Mbale City to capacity and broke their banks, filling up the roads which caused accidents as three vehicles plunged into river Nabuyonga where some of the victims are said to have died.

Sarah Nambafu, a resident of Milembe cell said that Nabugonga river flooded and water entered her house hence making life hard for her and two children who survived death. She notes that she last experienced this type of rains in 1997 where all the rivers surrounding Mbale flooded and people died.

James Magosha, the chairperson Milenbe cell in Nabuyonga ward and Yusuf Muhubu, the Councilor representing IUIU Ward at the Northern Council said floods have displaced many people in his area and lots of property destroyed.

The Mayor Northern City Division George Mwanika said that all his Division has been affected. He called upon the concerned authorities to intervene to save the situation noting that there is now looming hunger in the area since people’s gardens have been washed away.




  1. Mweru Samuel Byachi

    The time is now for governing structures of govt to discuss what benefits the people and not merely the leaders. You clamor for a city status but you cannot sit down and say no to avoidable disasters!!!My Mbale friends, and i have many in the City Council, i have at a personal level raised these matters. Surely as politicians there were looking for votes, they must have seen the vulnerability,and as the technical officers crisscross the city they do so as well. If the big men at the top cannot see, i would at least expect the Town Agents to do so or at least the area Councillors to raise these matters in council. No amount of money can compensate a persons life and indeed govt is supposed to protect the citizenry with their wealth. This is the time though belatedly for the Police, citing its preventive arrest provisions to also prevent deaths occurring. I seek to propose that we give the police some powers in disaster prevention and train them appropriately. Today it is me tomorrow is you.I am not saying a disaster can never occur but the one that should occur is one that is indeed beyond our capabilities as a country.

  2. I need support am desperate everything went

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