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Christine Anyumel; natural healing enthusiast

Kampala, Uganda | AGNES. E. NANTABA | Christine Anyumel started with a Facebook group, Healing Naturally Together (HNT) that has influenced many people’s lives especially women to change their lifestyle. It is a vibrant group of herbal medicine enthusiasts who use natural means to find remedies for health conditions; especially reproductive challenges such as infertility, fibroids, and weight loss.

Recently, Anyumel introduced the Cactus Challenge as she maintains that the plant has numerous health benefits.

She was in Italy pursuing a Masters degree in Food security, nutrition and human development, when she got introduced to herbal remedies. It started when she fell sick and bled overly in 2015. The diagnosis was multiple fibroids covering the uterus and the doctors advised removal of the uterus. But she rejected it and instead shared her predicament with a Japanese classmate who connected her to Asian Traditional Healers, a forum that trains people on how to heal the body naturally.  At their retreat, she was taught the natural treatment process and role nutrition in healing. It was easy for her with a nutrition background.

She says, “I understood the role that good diet plays in the healing process as opposed to depending only on medicine”.

Anyumel practiced on herself and felt healthier. Tests proved the fibroids had significantly shrunk and reduced in number.

This was more than enough for Anyumel to gain courage and take on extra training in the course. She chose to start a Facebook group whose following blossomed. When she returned to Uganda, she started sharing information on healing fibroids and other reproductive health issues, read and researched, built a team, and held a health camp. Soon a physical location became necessary.

Eight years on, Anyumel is expecting her second child. She maintains that on average, at least four women testify about conception. She also trains young girls on dieting and nutrition for sustainability of the programme.

“The testimonies are amazing and I am trying to compile them in a book so that other people out there can share and restore hope,” Anyumel says, “If you practice good nutrition you save a lot of money on medication.”

Anyumel was born 34 years ago in a polygamous family of three women and 22 children in one household which was common practice in Teso land. Her father passed on when she was ten and she continued through school on bursaries at Buganda Road Primary School, Greenville High School and Makerere University from where she earned her first degree in Procurement.


  1. You are doing an amazing job,Gob bless you for being selfless by sharing information that is helping many

  2. I have read everything n I think you can b of help to me. My question is what brings about urinating on bed while dreaming and is there something that can be done to stop it? Thank you.

  3. I have read everything and am speechless but i think you can help me. your story is so amazing. Thank you for sharing and helping others.

  4. I have read and got the idea and would wish to see u face to face and we share. I have a wife who has fibriods .

  5. You are doing a wonderful job, God bless u. I have a Rheumatic Heart Disease what can i do?

  6. Thank you, how do i get in touch with you?

  7. Thanks Christine,you are doing a great job.

  8. I think this is genuine & wld like to benefit from this. Please advise how to consult. I need this.. thnx

  9. Great Job Done, I would like to benefit . I need your help I need you personal contact please

  10. Great job done, I would like to benefit and need your personal contact

  11. Kabasongora Ronet

    I have Read and I thank you will help me but I need to meet you face to face and explain to you my problem it’s all a bout infertility.

  12. you have restored hope in many, could you please help us with your personal contact

  13. Thank u Christine for the good work, i have a goiter and i believe u can help,i don’t want to go an operation!!!! any help?

  14. Am dying with fibroids plz help I hear you ha e helped so many women. I don’t wish to under go an operation I will be following

  15. Thats wonderful information my dear. How does someone allocate u?

  16. Am a leaving testimony healed from a blocked tube and Concieved,
    Surely food can be yo medicine

  17. That’s great Christine. God bless u for sharing

  18. Please answer I have a blocked fallopian tube, as I would like to help. I am Cuban, my English is very poor, but I will try hard.
    thanks for answering

  19. Nuwagira peresi

    Well done ma dear.

  20. Osabe Mugisa_0784518432

    Greetings.Thankx for this information about the cactus tree .wish to know if we can connect and talk.I have the cactus tree in my compound. Home in Fortportal kabarole Uganda.

  21. Thank you Christine for the good work may God bless you

  22. Could I also benefit from lower limb pain and backache?.
    David, Soroti

  23. Thanks Christine, you have a big heart. Can I have your contact, am in Abu dhabi

  24. Kansiime Jane Bwesigye

    Dear Agnes,
    Thanks for the good work for your fellow Ugandans.
    I need to talk to on my phone to share with you my challenges. Mine is 0772-419862.
    God bless you.

  25. Thanks Christine for the work well done,how can you help some who has a growth of both fibroids n baby of three months? Secondly is there away you can assist with those that have developed hemorrhage? Please get back to or give your contact

  26. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the good work you are doing. I have been found with fibroids. I needed to know natural ways to make them shrink. Will appreciate any advise you can offer.

  27. Dear Christine,
    I praise God for you. I started on the program three weeks ago.
    I have lost 4 lbs gracefully and the complaints I had are dwindling.
    Praise Jesus.

  28. Dear Christine,
    I praise God for you.
    I started on the programme 3.5 weeks ago and I have lost 4 lbs gracefully, my skin is like I am 10 years younger, and the ailments I had are dwindling.
    Praise Jesus.

  29. Soo much in need of abby i did everything it takes bt things are nt wrking out where cn get your help and do u do deliveries
    Thank u

  30. Nakiyemba shamin

    Thanks christine my God bless u i hv salpingitis and i need yo help can you help me with your contact.

  31. Praise God Christine Millicent and I really love the way God is Blessing His people thru you..I would love to get in tough with you please my friend talked more of you and she really love your medication (herbs) ..may I have your contacts please.God bless you.

  32. Hi I was told about your posts on healing naturally I would like to know about how to balance hormones naturally

  33. You are a great person, may God grant you your dream years

  34. Amazing. Christine is God’s gift to mankind

  35. Abundant blessings Christine.

  36. I had a tubaligation some 10 years back coz of some medical condition now I’m ok and want another baby my question is is there any remedy or my option is only ivf pliz respond I’m a desperate mum

  37. Christine,
    My mother clocking 90yrs, has difficulty walking beyond 50mters continuously.

    I have issues I wish to discuss.
    Jow do I join this life changing and care togetherness.

  38. Thanks for the great work

  39. i need to get an appointment to meet you. How possible is this.

    • hi just got to know about u from a friend in Nairobi
      please i can i get your location and contact thxs .

  40. Atuhaire Moreen

    Thanks for sharing ur story Christine may God keep blessing you.

  41. We need to go harbal sister. My mum was diagnosed with cancer cells in a turmor in her lungs. How can I be helped . I need your advise please

  42. I just love your things Christine. However I would like to have your number. My own is cutting weight. My tummi and how to stay on point as in to maintain.

  43. i have a ganglion on my right hand, just wondering if this can be treated naturally? or i have to undergo surgery Please advise

  44. Hello Christine am Geoffrey 32yrs I have problems of infertility cz of low sperm count 8.5 % where I was told i can’t father achild any help plz

  45. Hello Christine, am called Maureen 38yrs and a mother of 3 . 2 years ago i got a miscarriage and last year around June i experienced something i had never seen while i conceived. i started bleeding heavly at 3 months at nite for 3 hours and it would stop suddenly. then i skip like 3 days and it happens again. this happened like 4 times and it would live me helpless, tired , so hungry yet i had to clear the mess in my bedroom until i did away with it. since then my periods are nolonger normal as it used to be. the flow is very little and sometimes doesnt come or i can bleed for almost a month but coming very little. its almost 2 months but havent seen periods. what can i do now. i need to concieve and need normal periods.

  46. I have been advised about healing naturally and i would like some help from you, i am on treatment for kaposio sakoma and i have completed chemotherapy but my legs still swell when i over sit ,move. my skin also has some rushes. so what remedy can you give me .please

  47. Am facing secondary infertility and I would like to have some advise from you on how to go over it.thanks

  48. Also Am facing infertility proble and I would like to have some Naturally remedies advise from you on how to over come it.Thank you

  49. I need you badly your contacts plz

  50. Don’t ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others

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